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Attracting and Managing good employees

Operating a farm in 2016 is also about attracting good employees and managing them well in order to retain them.

For this to happen, it is important to know how to combine the particularities of three generations currently active in the labour market.

Académie La Coop and its partners have some tools to offer you in this regard.

Remember that the three generations are Generation Y (1981-1996), Generation X (1965-1980) and the Baby Boomers (1945-1965). 

Here are some observations by three managers*, each one belonging to one of the three generations:

  • Generation Y is more focused on “What’s in it for me?” meaning what can a company offer me? They want to blossom and develop regardless of the business.
  • The rising generation expresses their opinions and differences more openly than previous generations.
  • Generations X and Y are influenced by the success of others.
  • Generations X and Y are motivated more by passion, which is reflected in their work.
  • Baby Boomers work more by example. This generation needs well-defined guidelines.
  • Baby Boomers have a lot more respect for authority and give priority to seniority.

What do the three generations have in common?

  • They like to receive clear guidelines.
  • They would like to receive recognition.
  • They expect to get constructive feedback.
  • They look to find out what they’re missing in order to succeed.
  • They want to take on more responsibility and have ample room for manoeuvre.

These managers agree on three statements for working with each generation:

  1. You must understand what motivates each generation.
  2. You must also find out what fuels them and use this aspect for motivation.
  3. Finally, you must adapt your interactions to suit each generation.

In short, everything is linked to the skill of being INSPIRING in your everyday conversations, straight and simple.

*The three managers are:

1. Me Joëlle Boisvert is an associate and head of the litigation department at Gowlings (Generation X)

2. Denis Desjardins, CEO Duo-Vélo (Generation Y)

3. Yves Devin, ex-CEO of Société de transport de Montréal and Montreal Casino (Baby-Boomer)


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