Taking advantage of the precious moments

by Céline Normandin


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Although the days are tiring and schedules difficult, a number of fathers are moving heaven and earth to be more than just a passing figure in their children’s lives. Frédéric Lehouillier believes that it is normal to do more than his father did during his time. 

Taking advantage of the precious moments​

Frédéric is the father of four children. The oldest had just blown out five candles on his birthday cake and the youngest was four months old at the time of the intervi

ew. For Frédéric, it seems normal to do more than his father did during his time as his wife also works off the farm. “It’s no longer like it was in the past. Women need to have more freedom. We need to evolve.”

Frédéric takes advantage of the precious moments of childhood and does not complain about changing diapers or doing chores around the house. And whenever he has the chance, he takes care of the children. “Everyone needs to collaborate. We need to do what it takes so that everyone is happy.”

Frédéric and his wife have also found ways to spend time together, even during the busiest of times. From time to time, the family comes to find him when he is making hay to go for a picnic in an open field. “During the big days, the children come join me. They love it! If not, I don’t have the time to see them.” The young man explains that the whole family also spends one weekend every month at his in-laws, who live in Saint-Hubert-de-Rivière-du-Loup (a two and a half hour trip), so that the children can get to know their grandparents. Frédéric and his wife also made a point of taking a vacation last summer. Their time off was only three days, but it allowed them to put the rest of their life on hold. 

Frédéric is busy with his four children. When we asked him how it goes being a father of a family with children so close in age, he replied that all is going well. He is amazed at seeing his children grow up and become independent and switched on to life. 

Read more of our special feature articles: Today's Fathers, Family First!


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