Precision farming: to maximize yields and profits

by Alain Brassard

Written in collaboration with Hicham Bencharki, M.Sc., Agronomist, Specialized Advisor in Agri-environment at La Coop fédérée

Precision farming, which has seen some real progress in the past few years, optimizes the management of cultivated lots of farmland. 

La Coop fédérée can provide you with a simple, easy, and effective turnkey solution to manage and make the most use of your data. 

In precision agriculture, information analysis and management are key factors of success. It is important to process the data and information which are available to you about your farm as a management tool for your lots of farmland. 

Based on the more than 20 years of experience in this sector, we have made available to producers a custom service that incorporates satellite imaging technology and web-based processes. This allows you to integrate, analyze, manage and view your data from precision farming in a simple and user-friendly technological environment.  

Using the latest technology, our website responds to producers’ needs, such as:

  • Carrying out a check-up in the field during the season and being in direct contact with the expert-advisor at the cooperative.
  • Customizing the variable rate recommendations according to the characteristics of each zone.
  • Carrying out agronomic diagnostics to discover the factors that influence the yields of each crop.

It is now possible to move from just collecting a dormant group of data to practical applications in the field which increase economic outcomes.

For more details, see the article in the March 2015 issue 

Alain has a degree in geography and member of l'Ordre des Technologues. Alain is a specialist consultant in precision agriculture at La Coop fédérée.